Jesus is this my life

Time was I would have something important to say, some rich social comment on the state of our world today. Today however, I am quite tired, and completely fed up with my inability to get decent work in this god-forsaken town (St. Louis). My muscles feel heavy and it sluggish. It looks like rain and I don't have an umbrella. My gals birth-day is coming and today is one of my best friends b-day. I have absolutely no money and no promising prospects of getting any before the end of next week. I had a job or so I thought but for some reason my employer just quite answering her phone and I have no clue as to what I'm going to do next. I have been out early all this week with the exception of yesterday. No Luck as of yet. Knowing me I will get a great job just in time for me to be forced to work on the night Morrissey plays. Which is in little over a weeks time. I have my tickets already so I know something is going to have to go wrong. I'm trying to fight this since of dread with playful things, to remind myself that all isn't lost. But today I did the unthinkable. I applied at not one but two corporations. Apple bees (sic), and Target (gag), can you believe it! I have applied to corporations before even worked for a few. I just figured I beyond that at this late hour in my life. Yet I need a job more than I need air right now. I'm broke beyond the point of belief and it's beginning to strain my beautiful relationship. Several arguments have already erupted over my lack of viable employment. I don't want to break up my happy home, so at this point I'll flip burgers at McDonald's if I have to. God pleas don't let it come to that.

In the meantime I've been working extra hard on this whole Monkee Armada thing I came up with a few years ago. It's been a slow evolution from a few drunken sketches while i was in NYC to this bizzaro pseudo-cult-revolutionary group. I'm working almost entirely with no feed back which is hard enough. The grand opus of the group "The Codas Armadas" is nearly complete after nearly two years of sporadic typing. Later this year it should be ready for public scrutiny. Until then I've been busy mutating pics that I will soon offer up for your consumption. Last night I did a grat batch that I'm super proud of I should have them up in a few days until then this will have to suffice bitches!!!

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