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I consider my self pretty tolerant. I have learned over the years (30 to be exact), that life throws you curve-balls sometimes. You have to develop a “thick skin”, as my grandmother used to say. Going through jail, prison, and various states of house arrest, I have learned to make do with living situations that I would rather not deal with. I have had room-mates of various numbers and learned to deal with the erratic schedules of others. One thing though I have never had to deal with and thankfully never had to develop a tolerance for is being awoken to “radio rock”. I have humbly surrounded myself with people who for the most part had either similar or the exact same taste in music as myself. I've also had the luck or the where-with-all (I can't decide) to live with people who either shared my sleep schedule or respected the fact that I am not a day person. I can wake up early, hell I worked a day job once or twice. I prefer however to sleep to as close to noon as possible. This being said I have been awoken for the last two days to blaring radio friendly music that for the most part turns my stomach when I'm wide awake. You can imagine the horror to be shaken from a beautiful dream by Sum 41 or Red Hot Chili Peppers for Christ sake! New! Chili Peppers not the old good stuff. We are all entitled to our own taste you can not fault someone for what they listen to-unless of course it's Jethro Tull or some hippie ass shit! God knows I hate hippies! When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade! That is part of the black experience I am told. You know it goes back to eating the worst parts of the pig. Chitterlings and all that. So I begrudgingly roll out of bed and head out side to smoke a cigarette before I plop down in front of this machine and place my head phones in my ear in oder to drown out the repeated loop of Alien Ant Farm. Pray for me my friends.

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