Do you know who I am?

Do you know who I am?
I am the illegitimate great-grand son of Willie Nelson,
I am Lou Ferigno's little brother
I am the flaming gay child of Scott Summers and Emma Frost
I am the Decedent of kings and Queens
the end product of a thousand generations of rebellion
I am the son of Tomorrow and the father of today
I am the one and only L (bizzie) Balls Esq.

Beware I spit venom like leftover cock juice!

There is a bare knuckle approach that I bring to every fight. I come in all cocksure , guns blazing. Then I spend a few rounds crying in my beer. The next step is dancing and singing. But there comes a time in everyman's life where he gets tired of running around, as Prince once said!

As a Monkee first and a man second, I have always had a problem changing my mind. I've had problems turning back even when I knew there was trouble up ahead. This has made for most of my interesting stories though. So here I go again-Classify these as good times! (Willie Nelson)

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