Prison Ramblings

\\\\\\Rebels at my door step, wide spread social unrest/ the zenith of human kind and it's only one after two/ the hour is at hand for the judgement from our lord and savior/ round we go on the merry go round of life/ the eternal awakening is unfolding as we sleep/ visions of great lakes/ visions of sheep/ the prophecy of losing/who does the choosing/ “No More Masters!”, is what they say/ we can't handle them today/ I'm a day stripper/ a Sunday driver/ I did it all for her/ now she's gone, gone, gone, away-let's play/ Washing the sins away how many Banditos can you see/ they locke the doors and drove us out/ pushed into the streets on our hands and knees/ the weekend warriors got no sleep/ a dream of beauty and the fucking beast/ X-rated nightmares keep us all up/ my body over flowed from the cup/ the blood pours down like devil rain/ no sleep tonight/ I will write the book/ you will read the words/ she will make the scream no one has heard/ a sound so sweet/ you can feel it in your feet/ talk don't walk/ don't you dare cheat/ the sun don't shine on your side/ White Dwarf Star/ you ain't too far from a new beginning/ The answer was always there/ not that you care/ the writing was on the wall/ but you didn't heed the call/ 40,000 light years from home/ the emperor wears no clothes/ the king wears no shoes and all the men sing the blues/ shadow play games/ wild horses know your name/ and apples smell like oranges in the evening/ Roses in the park after dark/ I WONDERED WHERE SHE GOT THE/ I questioned where they came from/ but all the seven fell out of the sun/ The mark was fresh/ burned into their head/ three numbers written oh so long ago/ mother why couldn't you just tell me/ Mother why couldn't you just say “You better get off that shit, and don't give me no lip”/ The son and the moon cross over and neither is lost/ I never read anything I could believe/ I always trust what's in me/ father how could you let me grow-up/ I was only angry for a little while/ things are much better between you and me/ everything is peaches and cream/ the crown of the queen bares the balls of the king/ the jewels safely tucked between her legs/ what is the purpose in lying?/ I remember the smell of her clothes so sweet and innocent/ I recall sumer of my youth in the cool North Carolina heat/there are times when none of that matters/ there are times when that's all that matters/ and the sun shines out of my behind/ there's a girl with flowers in her hair/ leaving nothing but to choose off and fight/ while the ships that are in our dreams sail out of sight/ Baby's got the bends/ she's the last of the “shoe-gazers”/ where do we go from here/ On a wave of mutilation/ UNCHAINED/ the sound a mother makes-when here baby breaks/suffer Rosa/ I don't want to be a debaser on this wave of mutilation///////

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