In order that the revolution should be something more than a word

"In order that the revolution should be something more than a word, in order that the reaction should not lead us back tomorrow to the situation of yesterday, the conquest of today must be worth the trouble of defending; the poor of yesterday must be worth the trouble of defending; the poor of yesterday must not be poor tomorrow." -Peter (Pyotr) Alexeyevich Kropotkin 19th Century Russian Anarchist.

I have considered myself an Anarchist since I was fourteen -years-old. At the time I had no idea what it meant other than it was someone who didn't believe in following rules. I was like “cool-I got that”. I have fought, written, and went to prison for my beliefs. I have rabble roused and stood on a soap box for Anarchy and it's father/mother Chaos. I even have the symbol for Anarchy tattooed on my left arm and the symbol for Chaos tattooed on my right. Together they equal me which is represented by my own symbol tatted in the center of my chest. Which symbolizes my self-centered-ness I suppose. So last night I was informed that I shouldn't be speaking. That my voice should not be heard, because I am a convicted felon. That because I did not follow the laws of this land that I should have no say in the laws of this land. That's very interesting isn't it, considering this country was founded by people who disregarded the governing laws imposed on them. They went to war (albeit over the right not to pay taxes), to secure their freedom from tyranny. Now hundreds of years later I am told that because I have never voted I have no right to complain. Well I beg to differ I will complain, I will protest, I will stand up and scream until my voice shatters every window in your glass house. I have never supported this system of government because i have never felt as if it was one that worked for me. I have felt used, and abused by the system. I have seen the ugly underbelly of so-called justice and I know first hand that this government doe not work to serve the people. Or at least it hasn't for the most part. With this current election however I have felt a since of change and a surge of urgency that has lead me to lend my voice to another's for the first time. I did my research finally and learned that I was mislead about my voting rights and that it varies from state to state when and whether I can vote. This new development came just as the deadline for registration (to be included in the primary election process) came about. I had only a short time enough time to either go and register to vote in the primaries or go and pick up the latest comic books that I read religiously. I thought about it and decided to go for the comics. I know sounds hypocritical going on all I've been writing lately. But I was still on the fence as to whether or not I should support a system of government that I see as inherently corrupt. I still have my doubts as to whether this system works and if Hillary Clinton is nominated by the Democratic party then my doubts will be confirmed and we'll be in for another chapter in the revolving dictatorship of Bush-Clinton. Nothing will change and this country will truly get worse-if it ever gets better. I see only one hope for the future aside from armed revolution that is.

All that aside it was still a horrible night. It could have been worse-yes-but still. Instead of being able to celebrate the victory of the only candidate I have ever wanted to support, I instead was subjected to beratement. I was yelled at and chastised like a child because I can see the fundamental wrongness of another era with a Clinton on the ballot. Even if I am completely alone in seeing that as fucked up I can not shut-up about it. I truly feel that would be the most undemocratic thing this nation has ever experienced. So I was yelled at for being closed minded, I was told my voice didn't matter and that I should not be allowed to vote or speak even! What's even funnier is that when I arrived at the place where my condemnation began Barrack Obama was giving his closing speech and it nearly mirrored word for word what I had been writing on the bus on the way there. Which in my mind only confirmed him as the right choice. Of course I missed the date so I didn't get to choose and I was beating myself up over it all day. It was a mistake that I made in not registering. Yet I can't take it back all I can do is keep lending my voice to chorus and hope that we drowned out those who support the false hope. I had hoped to simply type up what I had written last night but, situations demanded that I address this situation. So here it is I of course would have finished it and maybe added more to the beginning but....

I'm in the same situation as the rest of the nation. I'm at a crossroads, torn between what has been done, and what has yet to be. The future is wide open, all we have to do is be willing to reach out and grab it. It's easy to fall back on old ways. The old thought forms, settle in and become comfortable. It is hard to struggle and reach out for something new. So many people in this country (too many) are comfortable going for the tried and true. Not enough are willing to fore go the trusted brand-and hope for a better tomorrow. What they lack most is hindsight. It is 20/20 after-all. You can not look back onto the past with rose tinted glasses. We must be willing to realize that mistakes were made, and sometimes you have to be bold and daring enough to go in another direction. It's painful for most people to admit when their wrong (even me). We would rather take the word of a known liar, than the word of a unknown honest man.

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