Fuck-Tards are running our country

I’m sitting here at my desk playing spider Solitaire and listening to MSNBC in the back ground. As you know the Republican National Conference is going on and it’s an even bigger joke than anyone could fictionalize. These idiots keep spitting out the exact same lines over and over again no matter what the question. It’s starting to look like Dubbya is the smartest one in that party. These vie bastards who have done everything in the last eight years to destroy this country and disregard the constitution, alienate our allies and spread war and death across the globe. Have the nerve, after all their talk of family values, to defend their VP picks pregnant/unwed/seventeen year-old daughter. They have the unmitigated gall to present a woman who is a pot-smoking, elk hunting, former beauty queen/sports-caster and expect women to flock from the Democratic Party simply because she’s a woman. They are actually saying this on live national television. They are actually arguing that someone, who was the mayor of a town with less than 6,500 people and governor (for only 18 months) of a state with a population smaller than Houston, TX; is actually more experienced than a man who has served in public office for over ten years! I mean the balls on these assholes are huge. They find it perfectly acceptable to allow a child to raise a child but totally unacceptable to allow that child to decide what to do with their own body (i.e. abortion) they believe truthfully that the fact that this cunt will win them the White House simply because she has a cunt! Never mind the fact that she believes she doesn’t have a say so about what goes on inside it. Can you believe this! Can you even fucking believe this for one second! They are right now giving a standing ovation to George Herbert Walker Bush (George Sr.). As if he ever did anything good for this country. These of course are the same assholes who believe that Ronald Regan was the greatest thing to happen to this nation. Of course he was he was a senile old actor who allowed the top one percent to run away with this country as Old George the 1st sold everything that wasn’t nailed down to his old Saudi buddies. This is the most fucked up shit I have ever seen. I think this is even more fucked than the way they blatantly rigged the last two elections. Fuck if this shit goes there way I say it is truly time to take up arms. I don’t know if I could take another four years of these NRA, Pro-Life bastards. I have no idea if things will turn out okay but I hope that all of you will turn out in November and send these creationist fucktards back to their fake ass God.

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