Don’t be fooled by a Pitt-Bull in lipstick!

Don’t be fooled by a Pitt-Bull in lipstick! As we steady our nerves for tomorrow night’s Vice Presidential debate. I urge all of you not to underestimate this ferocious hockey mom. She has a few tricks up her sleeve. I know you think that’s joke but I do not. I refuse to believe that she can be as dim and air headed as she has appeared in the past week. I believe that she is lowering the bar so that anything she does will come across as a shiny beacon. She may have flubbed her Katie Couric interviews. She can’t name a Supreme Court case other than Roe V. Way. She can’t name a news paper she’s read, or explain how seeing Russia over the Bearing Straight makes her an expert in foreign policy. Yet you look at her record in Alaskan politics and watch her debates for Governor in Alaska and you will see that this is one tough smart lady that while not very learned in the ways of the world she can turn her opponent’s words on him and belittle a man into her favor. She can and will use her quaint folksy Alaskan charm to make Joe Biden seem as stogie and out dated as Obama did McCain. This is not a joke, this is not a game, and this woman is George Bush in a skirt. George Bush still can’t pronounce nuclear properly yet he won -once at least-and let’s not forget Dan Quayle. A V.P. who couldn’t even spell potato yet he won his debate and Bush Sr. took the election. These people, as dumb as they seem on the surface, have managed to manipulate the public, and maneuver themselves into frightening positions of power. And there should be nothing more frightening than Sarah Palin anywhere near the White House. Even just to visit! This is a woman who sought to ban books like fascist German dictator. This is a woman who as mayor decided to charge women for their rape kits! Who as a woman is opposed to equal pay for equal work! This is a woman who does not believe in another woman’s right to control her body! This is a person who feels that aforementioned George Bush has done what is morally right! This is a human being who cannot be allowed any position of power in this country. The very fact that she has gotten this far is insane and she cannot be underestimated or laughed at-until November 5th then we can all either laugh or cry. The country is in turmoil; my former home of Atlanta, GA is undergoing a Mad Max loss of gasoline. The economy is completely in the tank and it’s spreading globally. We all know this apart of the conspiracy and if McCain and his ilk are allowed to continue then we will all be fighting in the streets for petrol and bread. There is little Obama can due to stem the tide of a one world government. These current events are all moving us toward a unified economic meltdown that will move this planet in a dark direction politically and socially. I know this and hopefully so do you all. The movement that has been created around this man though is strong and positive and the things that he believes are far more in line with the things those of us leaning left believe. The policies he will implement will benefit you and those you love while McCain’s policies will befall the top one percent and those who hold their boots on your neck. Inevitably the goal should be anarchist freedom but we have to take it one day at a time and tomorrow is a big day so rest up and watch the Pitt-Bull with lipstick like a hawk.

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