Chemtrails in Oakland

When I was younger, I was a huge conspiracy buff. There wasn't the internet as it is today, and most people were not inundated with the glut of information that we are now. To be a conspiracy nut meant a lot of hard leg work. It meant knowing about certain zines and under-ground books. I won't bore you with a list, but if you ask I can scrounge up one. Anyway, the point is I was once extremely concerned about what are referred to as Chemtrails. The cloud like lines in the sky I'm sure you've seen. There are those out there who believe that they are a Illuminati plot. There are those who believe that they are nothing more than the "normal" contrails left by aircraft. I stopped carring about that sort of thing when my lie on the ground became more important to me than conspiracies that I can not control. Though occasionally I look up and see them and think back on what I've read and what I see. I saw these two today-you be the judge.

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