The end of the world as we know it!!!

Okay, it’s no secret that the Armada is comprised largely of avid comic book readers (when we can afford it), it is also no secret that we vehemently despise all things Disney. Today the most unspeakable news has been announce. The house that the Mouse built has decided to consume The House of Ideas! Disney announced today that it will purchase Marvel for a measly $4 billion bucks. Have faith true believers though, the deal is not final and hinges on the support from the share holders. This is a travisty we must stop, we must organize, boycott, protest, get the word to the share holders that we the Marvel faithful will have no interest in buying a Disney product. Over the years Disney has consumed the Muppet’s and Jim Henson Productions, they have taken everything that was sacred and hallow about our youth and pissed all over it. Can you imagine the X-men and Hulk under the thumb of Disney Land, they’ll make Emma Frost put a shirt on and insist that Green Goliath only crush cars and not kill people. This is an atrocity of grave proportions I implore you, if you are reading this and give two shits about the Marvel Universe join the fight against this sale of our beloved characters.

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