Monkey business for wedding party

Monkey business for wedding party

Courtesy of BBC News

An ape rescue centre has been granted a wedding licence for couples to tie the knot among chimpanzees.

The first ceremony is set to take place in September at the 65-acre Monkey World site in Wool, Dorset.

Couples can say their vows alongside Paddy's Enclosure where 20 of the park's 58 rescued chimpanzees live.

Wedding guests can also visit the rest of the park for pictures among the 235 animals, including 13 orangutans, 13 woolly monkeys and 90 capuchins.

Dr Alison Cronin, director of Monkey World, said: "Our first wedding is in September and we're planning on a very special and unique experience for people who want to come and join our family and bring their families to the park."

The centre was set up in 1987 by Dr Cronin and her husband Jim to provide abused Spanish beach chimps with a permanent home.

A spokesman for the centre said: "Monkey World is an ape rescue centre and so the primates who have been re-homed here have suffered abuse, neglect or cruelty in the past.

"Once at the park, they are rehabilitated and put into social groups with their own kind in a safe and natural environment.

"As such, our primates receive as little human contact as possible.

"However, there will plenty of unique photo opportunities for the happy couple around the park and by the primate enclosures."

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