Monkee High Fashion

While we're still pushing our official (and affordable) Monkee Armada Gear over at the Monkee Armada Stuff shop we set up over on CafePress, apparently the new must have item amongst wealthy socialites and wealthy hipsters are these new shirt/dresses by some guy named Christopher Kane.

The two designs shown here are a Mandrill and Baboon, though a Simian Gorrilla was the design popularized by some singer named Rihanna. Selling for $346.50 at the chicest Soho boutiques it would seem that the Monkee Armada has infiltrated the high end of fashion. While we are proud and we have to admit they are pretty stylish, yet if you don't have $350 to blow on an over-sized shirt be sure to check out the official Armada wear for that authentic hipster look.
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