We Hate All Humans

In this world gone mad, we won't spank the monkey, the monkey will spank us!!

Moving through space and time, revisiting my past, it feels like old times in Atlanta. A far cry from how grown up North Carolina had become. Their still keeping it crunk down in the A at least! When we were kids we believed in a lot of things we have since grown out of. The tides of change have moved us in to a new age. The second decade in the 21st century will be marked with even greater change, even more scientific and technological advances; we are living in the future, our future. We are laying the foundation for future generations as the path was laid for us, it is up to us to decide if we will continue down the dark path of greed and excess or move to a more enlightened self aware state. Are we monsters, or are we more than that? Only time will tell. I have moved across the country and in a few short days I will move back across it. Making this trek twice within a 12 month period is eye opening to say the least. There is an energy a foot two currents that seek to suppress each other, but cannot. They feed off of one another; they push each of us to make decisions each day. Do we hide in fear, and become worse for it, or do we become inspired to strive for a better world.

The Armada exists because humanity has reached a dead-end. Humans are weak and inefficient. Monkees are far superior to humans. Our racism is not against one group or color, we do not hate creed or nationality, and we hate all humans, each and every one. They are the alien usurpers of the earth we fight in defense of. They have mutilated themselves and the planet, trying to chop down our kingdom in the trees. These are but some of the thoughts that populate our minds how are we to overcome, and succeed? How do we face this new epoch with reason and just actions? It is a struggle and conflict which begins internally. We the Armada must be vigilant, our cause is not to propagate failed institutions or continue traditions that no longer serve a purpose. There must be new rites and rituals and new traditions that are more malleable and true to nature. Mankind has long looked to the skies for answer,, but they stared past the trees to the clouds which cannot answer back. Yet the screech of the Howler Monkey can pierce even the deafest ear and bend the will of man to help him understand the price he will pay for defiling the mother earth. It is not our desire to reverse time, one cannot reverse time. We have all ready begun to dance with the machines that man built and forge a Monkee/Robot alliance that will march us in more forward into the future. Soon Russia will send one of us to Mars where we will begin colonization. In Japan we’ve begun to brush our teeth and floss even. One of us recently took a piss on a pathetic faux-lebrity. Our time is now!

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