Alaska bans Monkees!

Alaska has banned all Monkees. Now that Sarah Palin has gone off to fight Family Guy and stand up for cracked tea pot partyers everywhere, the state of alaska has banned all Monkees in fear that we will enter the state and ravage it even worse than she did. The Alaskan Board of Game has declared the entire state a monkee free zone, claiming that "Even a small monkey is strong, and they have big teeth." They believe this paltry ban will stop us but the new law will exempt those of us already within the borders of the state who's motto is "North to the Future". The future belongs to the Monkee (and the robot). Already our technicians have begun work on a robot Monkee that will infiltrate the frozen lands to the north and any where else we are denied natural entry. As the U.S. Congress tries to stop our interstate coming and goings. Hopefully they will have about as much sucess with that as they have with getting hue-mans health care!
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