Connecticut gets it's own Mystery Monkee!

First there was the Tampa Bay Mystery Monkee ( a Rhesus Macaque) inspiring freedom throughout the world, now apparently Connecticut Monkees wants in on the game! The Department of Environmental Protection has confirmed that a Spider Monkey had been spotted  feeding at a dumpster on May 6th the cleaning crew of a Transfer Station.  But after two weeks of trying to lure the Monkee out so that they could cage him or her they have given up and conceded defeat to the little lord. "We were not staking out the garbage can looking for a monkey," said a spokesman for the Police Department. They believe the Monkee to be a pet of some hue-man, as if a hue-man could contain the awesome might of a Spider Monkey! They have informed the public int he area not to engage the Monkee, because we can be dangeerous and fuck someone up if we felt like it!
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