New Toy for the Amateur Spy!

So I was watching Jimmy Fallon last night (I know I hate him too), just for Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle/Breaking Bad), but I stuck around for Jesse Eisenberg. anyway long story short I kept it on the whole show and his third guest was this gadget guy, who's apparently a regular, I have to say this is a much better idea than some stupid zookeeper with some dumb animals nobody gives a shit about. talk show host have been doing that stupid shit for far too long. Good to see someone breaking the mold, even if it is a complete tool like Jimmy Fallon. Back to my point though, this guy breaks out this miniature drone with a camera attached and everything, that can be controlled by your fucking Iphone! Not that I have (or would ever have) a stupid fucking Iphone, but this was fucking amazing. I mean this was brand new military technology not that long ago. I mean secret shit, now any jack-off with an extra $300 to blow can now get one and spy on some chick their stalking or what ever creepy mother fuckers who have to own spy planes do with them.

The device is called a Quadrocopter, and its being put out by a Paris based company called Parrot, that was started in 1994 to push wireless and mobile devices that at the time were just starting to take shape. I think I still had a fucking pager up until 1998! These Frenchy's have developed this thing as a supposed game, but what the fuck kind of game can you play with a miniature spy plane other than amateur spying on your ex-girlfriend or potential rape victim?

There are others who also make these little demons, a company called Quadrocopter LLC. says specifically ont heir website that they make the devices for "EMS, Fire, Police, Search and Rescue, Scientific and more." Engineer nerds have been building these things for awhile in their parents basement for fun. But now even the casual nerd can have one without the difficulty of building it yourself. This is all wonderful technology news, but we think that the harmful possibilities of such a device in the wrong hands (and it will be in the wrong hands), far out way the mechanical marvel. It also raised some interesting questions like; if this tech is now public what super secret shit does the military have now?
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