The Next Evolution of Pop Stars is here!

Hatsune Cosplay (thank the heavens)!
Po(o)p Stars are all fake from Mr. Clean cut Nat King Cole being a secret heroin addict, to Elvis, Micheal Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears and all the rest. Just mass marketed images for the mindless chattel to swill down on their way to work in their meaningless lives. One thing all of these beast have in common is their self-destructive, drug-fueled demise and decent into mediocrity. To be Pop Star you must be a hollow shell of a human being that others project their own fantasies into. You are an irrelevant piece of history that record companies use to help keep others groveling in their own mediocrity. Their imperfection is that they are unsustainable, frail, human beings (Lady Ga-Ga will find this out soon enough). Leave it up to Japan to perfect the perfect disposable Pop Star! No longer must we endure the rise and fall of the next great Pop legend (although that is half the intrigue). Introducing the worlds first virtual Pop sensation; Hatsune Miku. A three-dimensional holographic singer! Who has not only topped the Japanese Pop charts, but has sold out concerts around Japan and (more importantly) entered the world of Cosplay (thus making all of our fantasies a little better).
 Created by Crypton (no not Krpton Super man's home planet) Future Media in 2007 and according to their website has been used in over  100,000 songs and movies! How inflated that number is and how much is songs or music is anybodies guess. I'm sure one of her legions of Japanese fans could easily tell you or you could check one of the countless fan-sites lurking on the inter-webs. The amazing thing about htis creation is that it's available to the public. You can purchase the software and write your own lyrics even sing the songs yourself and run them through the software known as Vocaloid and have your very own private Pop Star! Many people share their work with the world and many more spend countless hours remixing and rearranging others work. The phenomenon is huge and and the devoted are many. Hatsune Miko (who's name essentially means Future First (or First Future I can't tell). There are countless products with her image that can be found  at places like J-List  and Play Asia.com, she also has numerous fan made porn both animated and Cosplay.

Crypton has started it's own record label due to the success of Hatsune, with other characters that can be used with the software.  None of them are as popular as little First Future Pop Princess, but they're dong a lot better than many flesh and blood stars. The public has long clamored to control the lives of media figures. That's why the paparazzi exist, as an extension of the general populations lust for every aspect of the stars it helped create. Now with an innovative version of the Creative Commons license called "Piapro Character License (PCL)" they can! This is how singularity seeps into our lives (if you believe in that sort of thing). In Japan the Future is here! How long before it washes up on the shores of America and Europe and the rest of the world. The West has already embraced The Gorrillaz which is a 2-D version of the same concept. Although rest assured Damon Albarn's ego won't hide behind that screen much longer. Over the summer Crypton  to their creation on a stadium concert tour that sold out every where it went. And the DVDs of the shows sold out even quicker. Begging the question; could a world tour be far behind? Welcome to the future!

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