One Way in Now Way Out

The debate over immigration rages on across this nation. The establishment is begining to get scared. Sadly that fuck-tard Bill O'Reily made the most sense he ever mad last week in an interview with McCain. He said that those supporting amnesty are "Threatening the power structure of White Christian Men" which he then admitted that both he and McCain were apart of. That's the whole gist of it. Their afraid the rise in brown people across the land is another threat to the supremacy of their whiteness. After all if black people and brown people and yellow people ever learned to work together we could easily dismantle the "White Christian Male" power structure. I'm all for it, being neither white nor Christian. Not only to we threaten them economically where it hurts but we also threaten to dilute their precious bloodlines because what white girl can resist the temptation of a bigger browner penis. Seriously though the logistics of this debate are absurd. I call for all immigrants to be deported. If you do not have at least twenty-five percent Native American Blood you should be off this land in one year. Back to your European ghettos and Eastern Block bungalows. I mean how can anyone say that this country itself is the product of thieving immigrants. The White Man came here without request and then proceeded to lie cheat and steal this land away from the rightful inhabitants. People want to argue the legality of someone coming across the border to pick oranges and mow lawns. All rational has left the building. When the Mexicans start passing out small-pox blankets then you should be worried. And what happens when some dirty rotten Canadian jumps across the border illegally. I'll tell you what happens! They become movie stars or at the very least Television personalities. Mike Myers, Jim Carey, Pam Anderson! All Border hoppers. Allan Thicke! What about these law breakers sneaking into Hollywood in the dead of night. Does this arose the ire of the Bill O'Reillys of this world. What's Glen Beck gonna say about Canadian actors coming over here taking all our jobs. I wanted to be a mediocre comedian, or a fake titted blond whore with Hep C! Now I can't because of those damn immigrants. I think we should get rid of all the immigrants. Starting with anyone who's family came over on the May Flower and boat there after.
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