There's alot of shit in the yard.

I haven't had much time to follow up on my last two post about Paris, but now I don't really feel the need to say much more. I was outraged as (as were many people) about the complete blatant travesty going on and the whole farce that she was let out of jail in the first place. If I cried every time I was in the back of a cop car I'd have no tears left. I was relived to see her thrown back in though. This whole thing has said a lot about our society. Nothing that someone who has been in jail as much as I have didn't already know though. I am glad to see the major media finally excepting some of the blame in all this. It is after all us and them that made her famous for doing nothing. There was actually a guy on Fox News-of all places-saying that they'll stop reporting on her when we stop watching so it's up to you and me to turn our backs on these needless celebutaunts and set our sites on much more important issues. There are more pressing issues being over looked as the nation pays attention to the travails of some rich skinny bitch. Believe it or not!

Such as the racist debate oer immigration reform, or the anti-Bush riots happening in Italy. The missing girl found in a Connecticut closet, or the dead one in Kansas. Of course this too says a lot about our country since i doubt the Kansas girl would have meant anything if she wasn't "scrubbed in sunshine" or the picture of an "All-American Girl". The Connecticut case may fade sooner though because it's beginning to look like the 15-year old girl there was a willing participant in some home-made porno. The big thing we all need to be up in arms over however is the fact that Fred Thompson (the actor/Senator/potential presidential nominee) is calling for the President to Pardon ole' Scooter Libby. Whom if you recall was the top aide to Dick Cheney convicted of lying to a Federal Grand Jury and last week sentenced to two plus years in Club Fed. Well if things go his way he may get less time than Paris and that's a much bigger travesty of justice. If there was a pseudo-celebrity trail to follow it should be the Phil Spector murder case. I don't know how many of you have been following this on Court-TV, but that mother-fucker is guilty- he killed that bitch! If he gets off because he produced a few records in the sixties then I think riots are in order. Hell! I just think riots are in order anyway. I mean regardless of the minor stuff, we still have the illegal Iraq War on our hands. The possibility of conflict with Iran. Thanks to idiots like Joe Lieberman calling for action. We have hundreds still being illegally detained in Gitmo and that secret Brooklyn jail, and God knows where else. There is a lot going on in this world today and enough crap to be angry over.

I know this may sound like a departure from my normal let's get drunk and fuck attitude some of you are used to. To those who have known me for a while this is pretty standard fare. I have been involved in a lot of protest in my day. Including the largest anti-war protest leading up to the Iraq War in New York. I saw a lot of people beaten by police for no reason, and nothing changing. When I moved to Atlanta there were barely fifty people coming out to the protest. Those that showed were met with taunts and insults from passerbys and a bunch of flag waving assholes driving by. Since September 11 th this country has been a washed in a sea of waving flags. So much so that we haven't been able to see our rights and freedoms being stripped from us. If Kent State happened today no one would even car. And if they did then Bill O'Reily would call them terrorist or traitors. When y'all are ready though I'll light the cocktails and we'll get this party started. There needs to be something done and the call to arms was seven years ago.

For tonight however there's three hours of wrestling on and I'm happy. I'm getting ready for a good night and I don't want to think about Paris or Scooter, or the space shuttle falling apart upon re-entry (which may happen). I just want to see a Monkey-Flip, and a Big Back Body Drop, and Ric Flair! So it's time to kick rocks-DEUCES!!!

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