Punk-Ass rasict white people are everywhere!

It's time to start looking harder at what it is we're doing. I ask myself constantly am I happy with th way things are? Am I content on living in this world full of shit? When do we stand up burn this shithole down so that we can start anew? I want Anarchy, and Chaos, and the streets to run red. I want freedom and fun and bombs going off. I want to feel that my life has been about something. There are people over in Germany right now fighting to make a diffrence. There are people over in Iraq right now following orders like good little Nazis. There are children in America who could care less and parents who are too paranoid from watching Fox News to do anything about anyhting. When will we stand up and say enough is enough. I don't care about Paris or Lohan, or who's on The View. I could care less about Phil Spector or George Cloony. I"m happy Scooter Libbey's going down but I doubt I'll happen. G.W. will pardon him right before he goes out. Then there immigration reform talk from a bunch of white assholes who have no ral rights to this land at all. How can you try to regulate who comes onto land that was stolen to begin with. Any talk of immigration reform is racist! I want to fight all these rightwing bastards who are trying there best to make me be afraid to let my girlfriend go to Target by herself. I want to fuck up the bastards who want to make us all suspicious of our neighbors who don't believe the same shit crap Juedo-Christian fear-mongering that the rest of the idiots running around here do. God is vengeful and wrathful and ful of shit. Zues brought down lighting bolts and so will I. I just can't understand why more people aren't snapping and unloading on the sheep to setthem free. You wonder why nobody stopped that one fucking kid at Virgina Tech. It's because they were all cowards. And so are all of you!
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