You can go home again!

So this is man-the worst and best of him-this frail and petty thing
who lives his days and dies like all the other animals, and is
forgotten. And yet, he is immortal, too, for both the good and
evil that he does live after him.
Thomas Wolfe “You Can't Go Home Again

So I'm back from my homecoming. Thank you all who helped make the trip memorable and exciting, thank you all who helped keep things crunk down in the A, and Bumping in the WSNC! I miss you all so much and can't wait to do it again. I apologize to those I missed and those I forgot to call back after I ran into you during Thursdays drunken bender. I will call you next time I swear. I tried to squeeze in as much as possible. Perhaps next time I'll be able to take separate trips for Atlanta and North Carolina. It seemed like there weren't enough hours in the day or night. I of course passed out on Thursday as most of you know. Losing six hours face first in a booth at the Yacht I will be practicing while I'm out here so that won't happen next year. Unfortunately the Fun Saver I used during the first leg of the trip got left behind in the rental car and I don't know the chances of us getting it back. I do have one left and those pics are sweetly displayed here and in my photo album. Anitra has pics of her own on her phone so those will be up next. I just wanted to say a little something about how fucking grateful and elated I am to have friends like you guys. I mean I was worried at first since no one seems to respond to my blogs or messages, I thought you had all forgotten me and you proved me wrong. You just don't keep up with my My Space ramblings which is cool. I understand trust me. I was just as happy to hang out again as always. Though I did lose a bit much on cards that first night, it was great to lose all my money to friends. The Lounge was a party as ever, Old Blondie still a cunt. As for Winston-Salem, family and friends are what it's all about, the bar scene has changed so much from when I lived there there was scarcely anyone out that I recognized. Most of my old pals have married up and started tribes of their own. To those I didn't get to see hopefully next time we'll get to hang. Maybe we should have a picnic with all the young'uns and families coming together. Tangelwood anyone? To my sisters I'm sorry my visit was so brief. Your brother has a problem saying no to beer! I will make up for it I promise. To all of you seen and unseen though my love, respect, and total admiration!Josh, D-Nasty, Bishop, Charlie, Bri, Amy, Cara, Jenny, Tamis, Mad-Dog, Willow, Sailor, Luke, Lilly, Theo, And everybody-Peace!!!!

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