March 4th

It's snowing like hell outside right now. I'm stuck in the middle of a blizzard and that's just the half of it. I've heard all the poll numbers and read all the articles on The Washington Post .com, I'm tired of listening to Anderson Cooper and Ann Coultier. I've turn the TV off and turned up the Mountain Goats. Theres nothing else I can do. I made a mix CD last night to spin out some good Obama vibes and spread the maigik just a little bit around. I'm meeting up with Anitra at the Royale later (unless I'm snowed in). It's probably snowed a good four to six inches just since she left for work this morning and theres no let up insight. I may not even be able to make it into work. Knowing my luck it'll stop soon and they'll get the roads clear just in time for me to make it in. The shit is getting thick all over the country as Hillary Clinton makes it easier for John McCain to defeat Barack, by throwing everything including the kitchen sink at him. Running from television studio to studio. Jumping in front of every camera to remind us that she was preordained for this nomination and if she doesn't get it then no Democrat will win. Appearing on SNL with Amy, grinning like some evil Cheshire Cat in her hideous power suit and god awful cackle. I pray that she looses big tonight, but even I've got my doubts. The majority of the voting public in Texas and Ohio are not exactly the sharpest tacks in the box and fear mongering scare tactics and vicious lies often have an effect on them. I only hope that the sheer volume of new, young, educated voters turn out for Senator Obama. This is not going to decide it I'm sure, even if she wins that simply keeps her in the game. Theres still more states including my home and source of pride-North Carolina! Gods gift to the country. And I know my family and friends still there won't let us down. Right guys? The sad thing is, is that the longer this drags on the further they drag each other down. Some of the luster gets rubbed off, and by the time they reach the general election they will be haggard and worn through. The good news about that is That Obama will be stronger and “vetted” finally. His debate skills have gone up with each debate so far and he's proving to be quite the Teflon-Don dealing with the silly name calling and bitter politics being hurled at him. Everything from his middle name being used as a scare tactic to two year old photos from a Senate trip to Africa, to scrutinizing every word of anyone who's ever so much as shook his hand. I hope we the people can continue to rally around this man and turn off the televisions, tune out the critics and do something that will fundamentally change the landscape of this country for the fucking better!

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