Geminoid; Meet your robot clone

Those darn Japanese are at it again! The Osaka University, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Dept. of Adaptive Machine Systems particularly Intelligent Robotics Laboratory under the helm of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, have developed not only robots and androids but a new form of even more sentient cybernetic life the Geminoid "a tele-operated android identical in appearance to the principal investigator."  Frustrated by the limitation of conventional androids inability to communicate naturally as a human would, rather than talk to real people, the professor and his student team have created a machine that you can live vicariously through the internet! They have given the Geminoid sensitive skin that is equipped with sensors that allow the creature to actually feel. They gave it eyes and ears that are cable of turning sounds and images into fucking music! It's sensor network allows it to track human behavior and processes real world eents so that it can react more naturally like a real person. These Dr. Frankenstiens are making real-life terminators like they neve even saw the fucking movie!

 They Had been keeping their creations in the realm of "research", but in December they  began offering to create robot clones for the public starting at $225,000! So far it still needs a human to remote control it wearing this wierd head piece, but the thing is the person operating the Geminoid can be anywhere in the world!
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