More robots to spy on you at work!

Remember the Telenoid R1 we told you about a few months ago? Well it seems the little ghost sperm has some slightly less creepy cousins sprouting up out there. Well today we learned about the new Vgo's telepresence system, which kinda looks like that Wall.E cartoon that we've never seen. Marketed as a way for micro managing office managers to be there in the office when they can't actually be there in the office looking over the shoulders of their fellow office drones, nit-picking everything they do, and making sure no one spends all day on facebook, looking at pictures of the fun and exciting people that got away from them. The website tout's that you can "use Vgo to monitor facilities, processes and people". Ah joyous, now the roving eye-ball monster from Big Trouble in Little China has gotten a modern techno update! Their slogan is "You don’t make a call – you just go there". Coming in at around four feet integrated with a small screen, camera, speakers and microphone. The user can access the robot by sitting at his home through his system Vgo has priced this robotic terror at $6000 by its makers (and $1200 per year service contract)

This weird little thing rolling around the empty, lifeless corridors of dull gray office buildings of the future is straight out of a deleted scene from Brazil! It's not the first of it's kind; in 2009 a company called Anybot created one that closely resembled Johnny 5. It stands about 5 feet tall and is equipped a 5 megapixel camera, forward-mounted display, WiFi and optional 3G connectivity, and a laser pointer because, well, freaky talking robots with some assholes face on them need lasers for pointing at things! Available for somewhere in the $15,000 - $25,000 range.

Pretty soon we're all gonna be surrounded by these machines, tormented by fat weak-ass bosses who are all sitting around some jacuzzi at the Radisson! Luckily these abominations have not been equipped with arms of any kind just yet, but soon enough they will have super strong robot arms controlled by Monkees in a lab out side of Philadelphia. These are indeed strange times my brothers and sisters!

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