While we were away...

Around the holidays we experienced a problem with our machines here at Monkee HQ, the AI passed away and we lost a lot of our work. After some time spent banging on it with a rock we finally got the old gal up and running again! It seems while we were away a new group has tried to step up and claim our name and message of Chaos and hope!

Now while this is a parody of the current state of hip-hop, it is actually catchy and has a good beat! With Armageddon right around the corner this could be on the soundtrack. End-times Enthusiast rejoice the time for jubilation is at hand. Birds are falling from the sky, volcanoes are exploding, Austrailia is being wiped from the Earth, and Hell (a.k.a. New York) has frozen over! Chaos swirls all around us and we are moving toward 2012 with amazing speed. As we recollect our selves we'll be posting more on the coming Apocalypse and the Monkee Revolution looming over the horizon.

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