X-Ar; Almost Iron Man

As the news get's grimmer and grimmer coming out of Japan. We watch the news each hour hoping to catch a glimpse of a super-robot (you know) they have, to come and save the day. But, until then an American company is trying to compete in the "make everybody a cyborg", race. Very similar to the Hal exoskeleton that we told you about back in 2009! Equipois (don't ask me how to pronounce that), a California based company hopes to have factory workers and other people who do repetative heavy lifting, using these in the very near future. 

For around 2 to 3 grand anyone rich enough to consider that cheap can own one of these things and become a superhuman. Their website says officially that it will not make you a superhuman though. They claim it's  more for people who spend long hours extending their arms, like surgeons, and jewelers or dentist. Equipois  CEO Eric Golden (great name-can't be real), has hinted that a brain controlled interface could be easily attached to the X-Ar, but claims "they're a little bit away from kicking that off". The company states that it plans to further develop this technology to assist the disabled, such as veterans and people who are paralyzed. The company already makes a mechanical appendage that is kind of like a crude Dr. Octopus tentacle. Hopefully if this is successful they'll work on the aesthetic design as we inch closer to a full Iron Man suit! 

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