Johnny 5 is Alive!

Le plus ├ža change plus c'est pareil

Where 's Bonny Tyler when you need her? It seems that some kids watched Short circuit and grew up a to make sure we could all have our own Johnny 5! Named the Spykee this WiFi robot can be controlled through the internet from anywhere in the world and can watch, hear, speak and monitor (isn't that the same as watching) anything you want. according to the website Meccano designers came up with Spykee in January of 2006 ; they had the "crazy" idea that anyone "despite of age" could build and own their own spy-bot! And after many prototypes and models they brought forth " a little futuristic marvel to delight all those who are crazy about new technologies." Now why they make it a point that children can buy and build this robot is a mystery, perhaps it's because the designers where deprived the right to build their own robots as children. We don't know!
It almost seems like their marketing this towards kids, but what does a kid need with a robot that has a thermal filter, fiber optics, and offers free phone calls over the internet? And what kid can afford the $369 price tag? I mean if you were a 15 year old weed dealer still living at home it might be useful to make sure that your mom isn't snooping around your room looking for your stash!

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