Trump Causes Superman to Renounce his citizenship!

Wednesday's are usually a big day around Armada HQ. New comics come in and we read'em till our hearts content. This Wednesday was pretty big, there were a crap ton of books that we collect plus a double sized Action Comics #900. We don't get Action Comics on a regular basis, but the current storyline that featured Death from Sandman making her first appearance in the regular DCU has kept us interested, plus it's all about Lex Luthor who is one of our favorite villains when written right. Anyway that's all fan boy chatter. The big news in this particular issue was that the Big Blue Boy Scout has dropped the Flag Waving from his stick and actually started acting like a Alien who can see through peoples skin! Good old Supes is no longer an American citizen! Yay! Finally Superman goes global. He starts by standing still at a protest in Iran. They actually name drop Ahmainejad, which is remarkable because; A. this dates Supes which is something they try to avoid in the DCU, B. DC doesn't often deal with real places (try Finding Metropolis or Gotham City on a map)! 

All this would be enough to make the news and give comics some more press! Yet what are all the major cable news stations talking about? Not Superman, but Super-Douche! The man with the roadkill hair, annoying accents, stupid reality show, and awful habit of putting his fucking name on everything he bankrupts. A moron so fucking stupid he couldn't even run a fucking Casino! I mean gambling is right up there with prostitution as far as vices mankind will never give up, yet this dip shit bankrupted a fucking Casino! He's not even allowed in Vegas, yet he's pretending to run for president! And for the last several weeks almost two months really, the media has let this jack ass run rough-shaw all over the place, spouting inane racist bullshit in order to appeal to all the fucking racist retards that make up this bullshit Tea Party movement that is nothing more than rich white republicans using poor dumb white republicans to bully the president into accomplishing nothing! The state of American politics is pitiful to say the least. It always has been, but now it's at it's lowest point since the beginning of the last century when people were just walking around shooting Presidents left and right. 

I've tried my damnedest not to speak about the current hub-bub because I didn't want to dignify the nonsense or give it anymore press, unlike everyone else. I had hoped it wouldn't come to this, the President had stayed above it, barely even acknowledging it, but he cracked today and bowed to the lunacy. Only an absolute nut-bag would believe that you can become President of the United States and not be born here, much less a Senator, much less, get a fucking passport! People who question The Presidents nationality, religion, or legitimacy are simple doing so on a primal racist knee-jerk basis. They are the same inbred fucktards talking about taking their country back while quoting Glenn Beck. They are worthless human beings who deserve no respect or any better treatment than the treatment Micheal Vick gave to his dogs.  I mean that, I'm not some nancy-Democrat I believe in violence as a solution and have no qualms being just as ignorant towards people who have noting but ignorance towards me or any other person who doesn't fit their mold. It's unbelievable that the day Superman renounces his citizenship the President of the United States is forced to prove his.
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