Kibot; The Monkee Robot watches you while you sleep.

Korean kids had better be on their best behavior, the Monkee is watching! Kibot the monkey-faced robot, sings songs, reads fairy-tales, takes pictures and makes video calls. The former state-run firm KT Telecom began selling the monkey-bot in April for $447 (plus), with a wireless package that comes in 12 or 14 month installments. Aimed at toddlers (age 3-7) it runs on a rechargeable battery and has plenty of other tricks up its sensor-enabled sleeves, too. Parents can control the 8-inch-tall wheeled robot via mobile phone and, use Wi-Fi to monitor their children with the 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera which also lets kids make calls simply by touching an RFID card bearing the picture of a familiar face to the device. Why these parents aren't watching their 3 to 7 year old's in person is beyond me, perhaps they're too busy with work. They may just be too busy in another room to give their child any attention, never fear though the robot acts as a surrogate, it even responds to gestures, such as pats, by turning and pleasantly saying, "It feels good." When it encounters an obstacle, it can change direction to avoid it. It can also take pictures and record and play back customized voices. It can serve as a language tutor for Korean and English. Seo Yu-Yeol, head of KT's home business group, told reporters. "Kibot will be like a friend for kids, who constantly need something by their side to touch, see and play with." So you have been warned children of Korea, this cute little monkey can sing to you, but it can also watch you while you sleep.
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