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T.I. Is done son! Another celebrity who's squandered the opportunities given to him. I hope goes straight to the studio if he gets out on bail. Because as soon as his trial comes up he is done. Hat is it with this trend. Can these people not handle the presures of the fame we give them. Be it drugs, alcohol, or what have you the rich and famous seem to be self destructing. Perhaps it is our over infatuation and adoration which pushes them over the edge? Do we as a society share some of the blame in this? Sadly I don't think it would make much of a difference whether the paparazzi where there or not. The type of narcissism it takes to reach fame and fortune today, is the very same thing that causes these attention hounds to self destruct.

The sickness we seem to be experiencing is nothing new. Commoners like ourselves have all ways been obsessed about the going ons of aristocrats. Since the days of Rome, when people gathered to gossip over the eccentricities of Senators wives, and down throughout the ages. Average people have since subscribed to the cult of popularity. It can be argued that it is human nature. Even on the smallest scales, in high schools and elementary, we have fawned over the beautiful and elite. Social cliques and groups are form on the basest levels, even animals mimic this trend. Most notably in dolphins, where gangs are formed and bullies are elevated to the highest status. Scientist have even documented gang rapes amongst the aquatic mammals. Humans too flock to those who exhibit behavior that we as a whole would not dare. It is why we idolize those who do not contribute to our betterment as opposed to those that do. We have as a society and culture chosen to value opulence over sustenance. Our current devotion to celebrities and their gossip is more closely related to the Victorian era trends, where socialites made front page news and only grew as the burgeoning middle class began to grow. From the invention of movable type until the Industrial Revolution, as the lower class citizens began to change from mere laborers and farmers to managers and businessmen. Focus began to shift from the fabulous life of the elite heirs and heiresses to the more accessible lives of a new breed of star. The birth of the pop star came with the inventions of radio and motion pictures. As the twentieth century dawned we saw sports and entertainment (once the privalage of the wealthy), become available to everyone. Then no longer did one need to know how to read to enjoy the exploits of the famous. Now everyone could enjoy culture. Not long ago only the elite in society could gather to watch sporting events or visit the theater. The rest of us toiled silently in the mud, entertaining ourselves with folk music and traveling minstrels. We as a society lost site of the aristocratic socialite. Our attention shifted to the film star, the radio sensation of the moment. Names and faces changing with the times. The Gladiators of the grid iron and warriors of the ball fields rose up as our objects of desire. Soon the private lives of the new found celebrities were exposed. From the first “Trial of the Century”, involving rotund silent film star Fatty Arbuckle, common man has set about raising up heroes and tearing them down. We have often marveled at the misfortunes of those who place themselves up on pedestals and those we place upon high. To often Draconian measures our society loves nothing more than a winner than to debase and remove said winner. None of this is new.

So we find another celebrity in chains. When will we grow tired of this cycle. I suggest we place all celebrities in cages only to be let out to entertain us then place them back when their time is done. It worked with the Gladiators. Until Russel Crow came along and ruined a good thing.

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